Day 3 - The Long Road to Levin


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Monday, March 18

After the bumpy night, the morning was still windy and wet. During breakfast we realized we had left the girls sandals outside, so after eating the girls went searching for their sandals... turns out they had only blown under the camper.

It was time to head out on our longest driving day yet. But first, there was some camper maintenance that had to be done - dumping the grey water tank and (ick) the toilet canister. The first challenge was to actually locate the dump site in the RV park. After driving around for awhile, we found the RV park caretaker who pointed out an innocuous (and otherwise unmarked) drain for everything biological coming out of the camper.

Caitlin gets a photo of dad just back from the shower house. At the dump site, we hook up the waste water drain pipe, which was a bit long... a bit of convincing got the waste water flowing.
And now for the nasty task, dumping the toilet canister. Dad gets ready for the great dumping, everyone else has moved back.
Ewwww! Gross! The wind changes direction and Richard gets a nasty whiff...
Stacy rinses the drain out. Richard gets the chemicals ready for recharging the toilet system.
Stacy puts water into the "flush" portion of the toilet system. Notice the wind blowing her hair everywhere. Richard packs up the chemicals, his biological tasks done.

Before getting into some serious driving, we stopped at the first town with a big grocery and loaded up on a few essentials - bottled water, chips, toilet paper, tissues, etc. All the things needed for a day of driving. A quick phone call to Great-Granny Stanton to let her know we'd get there that afternoon and then it was off to Levin, about a four hour drive.

An RV out front of a food market. Think anyone would notice? Stacy tries to get a photo of Mt. Egmont through the clouds... its there somewhere!
Two hours later, we take a brief break at Middleton Bay. The girls pose in the high winds of the bay.
Looking west at the serious waves of the bay. Looking east at the serious waves of the bay.

It was too serious to hang around for long at Middleton Bay, so we continued to Levin for a couple more hours, finally arriving around 2pm. The girls had had quite enough of driving and shyly met their great-grandmother. We spent the afternoon getting reacquainted. The girls checked out the guest bedroom and decided they'd like a few days sleeping in a place where the wind didn't rock their beds back and forth. We ate dinner late (due to a minor issue with the stove) and went to bed early, quite tired.

The girls relaxing in the parlour of their great-grandmother Stanton. The table set for dinner, Alex watches BOTH channels of New Zealand television.
Great-Granny Stanton finishing up dinner. 9pm, and the girls are out cold in the guest bedroom.

With the girls in the guest bedroom, Richard and Stacy had the camper to themselves, acting as an extra guest bedroom, parked in the driveway. The night was clear and quiet and very, very cold. The next morning would be a peaceful one.