Day 9 - The Beach at Bowentown


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Sunday, March 24

The morning brought another sunny day, and a quick trip down the Judy and Ray's place. Today we'd go visit their son Malcolm and his wife Anna and daughter Alyssa. They live out in Katikati, about a 45 minute drive from Tauranga.

At Judy and Ray's place, we visit Bob the goat. Bob keeps the front of the yard clear of shrubs and grass (by eating them). At the corner of the yard is Bob's house. Bob likes to stand on his house, so Ray painted "Hi! I'm Bob!" on the side of the house.
At Mal & Anna's place, Alyssa shows off the rocking horse her grandpa Ray made for her. Alyssa has a big smile for her grandpa and Granny.
Alyssa climbs on dad and visits with grandpa at the same time. See any relationship?
Alyssa checks out Alex. Caitlin and Alyssa hang out on the rocking horse.
Caitlin helps Alyssa walk around the living room. Alyssa looks up at Caitlin.
Richard comes out of the back room, looking for lunch. Ray is ready to eat too!

Everyone was hungry, so we decided to head for Bowentown beach for a picnic. Malcolm and Anna would pick up lunch from the deli on the way. Joining us were Anna's brother Eron, his wife and daughter.

Alex gets a picture of Richard, ready to head out to the beach. Caitlin expresses her joy at having her picture taken.
Richard and Judy, waiting for the food. Stacy decides she'd like to check out the water.
Stacy and Judy walk down to the water. At the beach, the girls get to enjoy white sand for a change.
The water is warm, the sun is hot, we should go swimming! Let's go get our bathing suits on!
C'mon mom, let's go! Before they can get a chance to change, the food arrives and everyone has a bit of lunch.
After lunch, the girls get changed and play in the water. The little girls do too!
On the way home from Bowentown, we spotted this House Trucks Bazaar and had to take a look. Inside were some huge pseudo-RV house trucks and booths of crystals, knick-knacks and palm readers.

Back at Graham and Jeanette's we ate dinner and relaxed before going to bed.

Richard gets a cuddle with Zanada. Later, Zanada moves into bed with the girls.

The next morning we'd head out on another trip with Judy, Ray, Malcolm and Anna - this time in the other direction, to Whakatane and Ohope.