Day 13 - Shopping the Strand


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Thursday, March 28

Feeling more than a bit pooped out, we took it easy today. There were a few things we wanted to do before leaving Tauranga on Friday. One of them was to go back to a few of our favorite shops and get more gifts - both for home and here in New Zealand.

Our first stop was back at the heritage village, with its inexpensive but beautiful mineral rock collection.

Stacy digs through the cabinets of the rock shop, looking for treasures. Caitlin asked for this picture to be taken, its not as spontaneous as it looks.

Our next stop was downtown Tauranga, along the Strand, which is the main shopping drag in front of the harbour. Richard and Stacy had been here before, but it was a first visit for Alex and Caitlin. There were lots of shops to explore. Afterwards, we went back to Mount Manganui... a little time on the beach, followed by a visit to the Bayside Shopping Mall.

Stacy and Alex look at trays. Caitlin checks out her shells at a picnic table in Mount Manganui.

Finally, we headed back to the farm for a quiet dinner, followed by a busy evening. Ray and Judy came up from the bottom of the hill, and Graham and Jeanette's daughter Janelle came home for the weekend from the University of Auckland. Lots of teasing and hilarity ensued.

Janelle checks out Stacy's rock finds. Alex melts Zanada with the all-powerful belly rub attack.

The evening went late, Janelle finally went down to Ray and Judy's for the night, and Richard got his web site postings totally up to date...

Tomorrow we'd leave Tauranga and head up the coast for the final leg of our trip before returning home.