Day 17 - Departure


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Day 17 - Departure

Monday, April 1

It may be April Fools Day, but there's no foolin' around here - we're going home!

Fortunately, the morning brought better weather, and we went back down to the beach for a look before heading out along the road to Auckland. We dumped our tanks one last time and bid farewell to our last RV park. Along the way, somebody muttered "the next trip better involve hotels and lots of room service..."

The beach at Orere Point, in better weather conditions. Our first stop, the Woolshed in Clevedon.
Stacy leaves the Woolshed, goodie bag in hand. On the highway from Clevedon to Manukau (where the airport is). Notice we're STILL on the wrong side of the road.
At the mall in Manukau, we spied this familiar sign...  

We had lunch at the mall, then headed over to Pacific Horizon RV to return the camper that had served us well. Other than a nasty smell when the grey water tank was full, the camper had no problems at all. It took awhile to get all our things out of the camper, get repacked and actually over to the airport. But when we got there, United hadn't even opened yet! So we spent an hour or two just hanging out at the airport before we were finally able to check in. Then the long flight home...

Dad, Caitlin and Alex clown around in the windy parking lot of the Auckland Airport. Alex and Caitlin entertain themselves in the United Airlines lounge.
The long flight home...  

Of course, the nice thing about flying west over the date line is that some twelve hours after we left, we arrived in LAX three hours before we departed! Then came the excitement of changing terminals at LAX to get the flight back to Vancouver, which is not a time to have a camera out (LAX was never known for its sense of humor, but its never been this bad).

Granny Holt met us at the airport and we drove home.

This was Alex and Caitlin's first trans-oceanic trip, and they made it look easy. Perhaps Europe is next...