Richard & Stacy's Round the World Trip 2001

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Summary of the Trip
The Family Album
Day 1 - Departing
Day 2 - Amsterdam
Day 3 - Veldhoven
Day 4 - CttM Day One
Day 5 - CttM Day Two
Day 6 - The Holland Tour
Day 7 - Off to Istanbul
Day 8 - Seraglio Point
Day 9 - Bosphorous Tour
Day 10 - Exploring Sultanahmet
Day 11 - The City Walls
Day 12 - The Asian Side
Day 13 - Taking a Break
Day 14 - Leaving Turkey
Day 15 - A Day in Singapore
Day 16 - Arrival in Sydney
Day 17 - Exploring Sydney
Day 18 - ODDC Day One
Day 19 - ODDC Day Two
Day 20 - Toranga Zoo
Day 21 - Off to New Zealand
Day 22 - Road Trip to Tauranga
Day 23 - Tauranga to Taupo
Day 24 - Visiting Granny Stanton
Day 25 - Leaving Levin
Day 26 - Return to Auckland
Day 27 - The Trip Home

The key to making this trip possible was two conferences, two weeks apart - one in the Netherlands (SDGN's the Conference to the Max) and the other in Australia (Informant's Office Development and Deployment Conference). It made no sense to try and travel to each separately - it was easier to just start traveling and keep traveling, all the way around the world.

Round the World tickets are a special class of airline ticket, with certain advantages and disadvantages. Here's how they work:

They are limited by mileage and number of stops
You cannot backtrack: flying from one city to another and back again
You have to decide on your first leg (where you start from and where you're going to), the rest of the trip is essentially open
You have a year to complete all travel on the ticket
The ticket is priced on the number of miles flown and the number of stops, rather than destinations flown to

Amsterdam and Sydney were the fixed destinations, the rest was up to us. The idea was to keep flying east, so we had to pick a destination east of Amsterdam and west of Sydney. Ideally it would be a place we weren't likely to get to otherwise - we chose Istanbul, Turkey.

And with family in New Zealand, it was essential to get back there, after the Australia conference. That was about as much time as we had. At the last moment, Microsoft contacted Richard about speaking at a conference in India as well, following the Australia conference, but in the end we weren't able to fit it in.

The links on the left hand pane are a diary (with pictures) of the trip.