Richard & Stacy's Round the World Trip 2001

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Summary of the Trip
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Day 1 - Departing
Day 2 - Amsterdam
Day 3 - Veldhoven
Day 4 - CttM Day One
Day 5 - CttM Day Two
Day 6 - The Holland Tour
Day 7 - Off to Istanbul
Day 8 - Seraglio Point
Day 9 - Bosphorous Tour
Day 10 - Exploring Sultanahmet
Day 11 - The City Walls
Day 12 - The Asian Side
Day 13 - Taking a Break
Day 14 - Leaving Turkey
Day 15 - A Day in Singapore
Day 16 - Arrival in Sydney
Day 17 - Exploring Sydney
Day 18 - ODDC Day One
Day 19 - ODDC Day Two
Day 20 - Toranga Zoo
Day 21 - Off to New Zealand
Day 22 - Road Trip to Tauranga
Day 23 - Tauranga to Taupo
Day 24 - Visiting Granny Stanton
Day 25 - Leaving Levin
Day 26 - Return to Auckland
Day 27 - The Trip Home

Trip Summary

And that was the end of the Round-the-World Trip 2001. 

Here are some statistics:

25,536 miles flown
54 hours 40 minutes total flying time
26 days, 14 hours and 30 minutes total time away
9 flight legs (getting on and off an aircraft)
10 hours worth of flight delays

And what was waiting for us when we got home? The sunny late spring of the Lower Mainland, and some happy children.

Click to see a larger version...   Click to see a larger version...
Alex, Caitlin and cousin Chantelle on the back patio having a late breakfast.   Stacy hugs Alex and Chantelle mugs for the camera.
Click to see a larger version...   Auntie Erika, who stayed with the girls while we traveled around the world. She also stayed an extra day after we got back so we had a chance to get our northern hemisphere legs back.

In hindsight, this may not have been the most practical of trips - we could have spent two or three times the amount of time we spent in each location we visited. But it was fun, practicality was barely a factor.

We know we'll be back to the Netherlands - we've been at the SDGN conference every year for the past three years, and it doesn't seem like its letting up any time soon. We guestimate that to thoroughly explore Turkey, we'll need three weeks. And you could easily spend that much time and more in Australia, although current events on the horizon seem to indicate that travel down there is going to become more frequent.

New Zealand offers a special case, since, in a way, its home. There's a plan in the works to bring the whole family down soon - so that the girls can meet their great-grandmother, and some serious archiving of family history can be done: recordings of the family stories, and digital copies of the amazing photographs that document both sides of Richard's family. There are details to be worked out, but the window of opportunity is small, and preserving the legacy of a family is too important.